Jun. 23rd, 2009

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I am currently enjoying a resurrected love affair with my very first passionate love from 43 years ago. Needless to say, "I feel young." Whether you're new to Star Trek: TOS or just now diving into it by way of the most excellent new movie, I hope you enjoy the endless stories that have been written about the best crew ever to man a ship. In honor of the new movie and all the new interest in Star Trek, I thought I'd dig out some old stories of mine that I've never bothered to put online. Let me know if you've enjoyed them!

Title: Passages
Author: sundara
Rating: G, Kirk & Spock friendship/pre-slash
Summary: James T. Kirk is at a big crossroads in his life.
Word Count: 7671
Universe/Timing: Star Trek: Original Series/Movies. Takes place as Kirk and the Enterprise-A are both decommissioned :-) Prequel/outtake of my story Learning Home, which was written in the early months of 2004 for Beyond Dreams 7.
A/N: This was actually how I started the original version of Learning Home, but I cut this entire portion from that story for continuity and pacing. Meanwhile, it still makes a damn good prequel of sorts. Not a lot of action, per se, but...I'm rather fond of my guys here. Hope you are, too.



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