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....for TOS' 50th anniversary.

MAC Cosmetics has announced a Star Trek-themed line celebrating the film and TV franchise’s 50th anniversary. And resistance, as they say, is futile.

Set to hit stores Sept. 1 and go online Aug. 25, the collection will make its debut at San Diego Comic-Con as part of an exclusive one-day presale July 21 at the MAC Cosmetics store in the Gaslamp district.

“Star Trek is an iconic pop culture phenomenon whose storylines pushed gender and racial boundaries,” says MAC creative director James Gager of the beauty brand’s decision to launch the line. “For its 50th anniversary, we celebrate each of Star Trek’s powerful women in a transcending, transformational makeup collection.
read more about it here
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if you've been in tumblr you may have seen this: [ profile] startrek-365 where an artist is doing one trek sketch a day for TOS's 50th anniversary. other trek pops up now & then. you can even buy the originals!

this site explains it all.

the stress of one-a-day was too much & now there is [ profile] startrekscribbles & this post explains what's going on.
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i guess you could call it a meme. *shrug*

i found it via [ profile] captainofthenx02 where every day in january is a different topic. if you're looking for something to get you to post more see this post for the topics & post your own answers on the journal site of your choice. there's no pressure to do it daily, you could jump in whenever or do what i'm doing & post a couple every few days or so.
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i think i got this via [ profile] breezybree
As part of next year’s celebrations honoring the 50th anniversary of the original series of Star Trek, the United States Postal Service will be offering up four Trek themed postage stamps.

The USPS is known for honoring important moments and people in history on their stamps. It’s quite an honor to have one’s image emblazoned upon the official USPS stickies. In 2016, the USPS honors Star Trek in it’s 50th year with a set of four pretty cool looking stamps for you to decorate the corners of your envelopes.

see them here
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Always wanted to tell your own Star Trek story about Kirk, Spock, Janeway, Picard, Uhura, Sisko, Major Kira, Archer, Tom Paris, Hoshi and/or the Borg, U.S.S. Enterprise, etc.? Well, your timing is coming, as Simon & Schuster, as part of its celebration of Star Trek's upcoming 50th anniversary, will bring back its popular Star Trek: Strange New Worlds fan fiction writing contest. The orignal Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was a yearly collection of Trek short stories published between 1998 and 2007, with the amateur writers' works chosen via an open submissions process. The new contest for 2106 will result in 10 grand prize winners who will have their stories published in the print and eBook formats as part of an all-new and official anthology from Simon & Schuster. Additionally, the two first prize winners will receive a free self-publishing package from Archway Publishing.

A deadline of January 15, 2016 has been set for submissions by U.S. residents only, and the winners will be announced on March 31, 2016, with the winning stories selected by a panel (to be named in the near future). And, to make the 2016 Star Trek: Strange New Worlds a fully fan-created package, fans will soon be asked to submit their artwork for cover consideration. Visit for additional details. has a short video

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Three months after the death of Leonard Nimoy, his son Adam Nimoy is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $600,000 for a documentary about his father titled For the Love of Spock, Variety has learned exclusively.

The project is aimed at celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, which aired for the first time on Sept. 8, 1966. Zachary Quinto, who portrayed the Spock character in last two Star Trek films, will narrate the film. David Zappone, the owner and president of Paramount-based 455 Films, will produce.

read more & find the link to the project here
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found via [personal profile] ivorygates

We’ve been getting pings and @’s all morning about who seem to be scraping/taking stories off of AO3 and hosting them as PDFs and mobi downloads on their site; the site seems to be pulling from UrBookLibrary as well. They’re not reading your “do not copy/duplicate” notes on your AO3 fic; their bots are pulling things directly from AO3, without AO3′s authorization or assent. It looks like they are pulling from Wattpad too, again without authorization or assent.

While the Ebooks-Tree DMCA page seems to imply that you need a lawyer or other “authorized person” to submit a takedown notice, you don’t; you can do it yourself.

read more & what to do about it here.
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Kate Mulgrew's long-awaited autobiography, Born With Teeth -- A Memoir, will be released on April 14 by Little, Brown and Company. Over the course of the book's 320 pages, Star Trek's Captain Janeway recounts her upbringing, discusses the early days of her career, shares anecdotes about the child she put up for adoption and, of course, delves into her career, which spans from soap operas to television to movies and includes Star Trek: Voyager.

more info over here
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i think i mentioned [ profile] textsfromtng , which is stuff from texts from last night put on TNG screencaps.

and through that i discovered [ profile] textsfromtos (quality varies), [ profile] textsfromdeepspacenine ,[ profile] stvoyagertextsfromlastnight (apparently abandoned, with varying quality & a harsh-on-the-eyes background) & brand new [ profile] textsfromthearchercrew

i may have to get a tumbler thing to keep up with this stuff.

ETA: the DS9 one was to fill in for another one so this other one [ profile] textsfromdeepspace is going to be it for DS9 stuff like this & the first one i posted will not be updated.

ETA2: thanks to going though that above site i found an apparently active VOY one [ profile] textsfromthedq  (delta quadrant)
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april 24, in select theaters. check out fathom events for the theater nearest you.

Shatner’s World, the critically acclaimed one-man show, takes audiences on an exhilarating behind-the-scenes voyage through his storied life and career. With an energetic mix of personal anecdotes, laugh-out-loud humor and poignant moments, William Shatner shares his phenomenal journey from classically-trained Shakespearean actor to internationally-known cultural icon, all the while illuminating the unique persona of his most important character, himself.

In addition to a spectacular show, cinema audiences will be treated to an exclusive welcome from the man himself!

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  • Starts
    Saturday March 1, 2014 09:00 PM GMT
  • Ends
    Saturday March 1, 2014 11:00 PM GMT

  • Max Attendees
  • Address
    T'Lara's Cinema of Squee
About The Event
Prepare for an especially tasty Viewing Party. Spock will pop his mind meld cherry with a Human being. What snaps Kirk out of crazy-arsed hypnosis as if it were only a bellyache? Learn how to wear your shirt the Kirk way. Be prepared for shamelessly obvious eye sex, no, eye porn, on the bridge. And is there a deeper meaning to the fact that Kirk's diet is mentioned in the same episode as his talent for cheating his way out of trouble? 
Also: Gratuitous shots of naked, glistening Kirk!flesh. (Take that, male gaze!)
Join us for an entertaining TOS Viewing Party at T'Lara's Cinema of Squee. We are going to host a science fiction double feature, with the two episodes Dagger Of The Mind & The Corbomite Maneuver.
Stock up on Romulan Ale and popcorn, and polish your slash goggles!
You can watch the stream either on Livestream or on KirkSpockSlash (tab "cinema").
We start at 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST / 9 pm GMT.
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The USS Daedalus is a Rhode Island class vessel serving Bravo Fleet's Task Force 38. She is currently en route to the Raeyan Sector under her captain, Commander Maenad Panne. This is an all original character cast crewing the Rhode Island class science vessel Daedalus, on her mission to explore the Delta Quadrant. We are looking for good, enthusiastic writers to help take up the mantle at any one of our open spots. We have dozens of open positions available for the picking. We invite anyone with an enthusiasm for writing, roleplaying and Star Trek to join us.

OPEN POSITIONS: Chief of the Boat, Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Assistant Chief Science Officer. A number of specialist positions are available in the science and medical departments, please send us an email if you'd like us to create a custom position that isn't currently on our manifest.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please check out our rules, and our NOVA guide. P.S If you do make up an alien species, you can write up a detailed medical/cultural blurb on them and we will add it to our Wiki. We don't prefer made-up species unless they're well detailed, so please keep that in mind!

That's that! If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for your character that might not be represented well on the manifest, feel free to contact us. Please take a look at our sim wiki for information all about different Star Trek species, languages, items and uniforms, Alpha and Delta Quadrant maps, and more.

CURRENT MISSION: The Way of the Light (2)
POSTS: Read our posts
RULES: We're really not that bad, promise!
NOVA GUIDE: How to use the Nova system
PERSONNEL: Writers/character biographies
SIM WIKIPEDIA: Uniforms, languages, species, maps, etc!

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including batman, gameboy, sim-city and quantum leap.

see the list here.

this makes me feel old.

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(Reuters) - A North Carolina town councilman planning to run for U.S. Congress has quit his post by submitting a resignation letter in Klingon, the language of a fictional extraterrestrial warrior species on the "Star Trek" TV and film series.

David Waddell said he used Klingon to resign from the Indian Trail Town Council on Thursday because the fierce-looking science fiction characters valued integrity, honor and duty.

The letter indicated that Waddell, whose four-year term is up in December 2015, plans to resign at the end of this month.

"Teach (the) city (the) constitution," said the English translation. "I will return next time to (witness) victory."
the rest of the story here

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16 Stargate Atlantis
2 Stargate SG1

1 Star Trek: The Motion Picture
5 Star Trek into Darkness

9 Doctor Who
4 The X-Files
6 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
7 The Legend of Korra

More here @ [community profile] big_blue_bin
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someone put together stuff from texts from last night with TNG screencaps. [ profile] textsfromtng (warning for adult language & situations)

like most people, i fount it via [ profile] wilw
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Hi fellow Star Trek enthusiasts!

I made a drawing of Christine Chapel at my journal. I'd post it here but I don't have an image host figured out yet.

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The DAEDALUS needs you!

Welcome to the USS Daedalus. This is an all original character cast crewing the Rhode-island-class science vessel Daedalus, on her mission to explore the Delta Quadrant. We are looking for good, enthusiastic writers to help take up the mantle at any one of our open spots. We have dozens of open positions available for the picking, so make sure to check us out! This roleplay is for anyone who is interested in Trek continuity, who enjoys writing and who is an active participant in collaborative writing. This roleplay uses the very intuitive Nova software to make writing between multiple people simple and fun. If you love Star Trek, roleplaying and writing, the Daedalus is for you.

Under the command of accomplished scientist and scholar, the eccentric Commander Maenad Panne and determined first officer Zia Shassun lead the Daedalus and its diverse crew into the unknown. Their mission is to seek out new life and new civilisations in the barely-charted Delta Quadrant while avoiding the countless predators that will undoubtedly try to kill them. In a region of space where Starfleet is small and regulations are more ideas to aspire toward than commandments, the Daedalus frequently improvises what's best as it fumbles its way through the stars.

Current mission! » Rules! » Personnel (Writers)! » Roleplay information! » Enlist today!

"It is the invariable lesson to humanity that distance in time, and in space as well, lends focus. It is not recorded, incidentally, that the lesson has ever been permanently learned."
~ Isaac Asimov
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