May. 3rd, 2009

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Guess what's in these boxes?


Seriously, the Star Trek movie is in those boxes. The two big and square ones at the front, not the others. They're trailers. Trek is also in a couple other boxes of the same size that you can't see because they're already up in projection as they arrived yesterday. But Star Trek, Kirk and Spock and McCoy and Adventure and YAY are in those two boxes right there.

It's fun working at a cinema every blue moon.

Best bit? There's supposed to be a staff preview tomorrow night for those who want to come see it. I would literally kill them all if they don't do a staff preview and they've known this for about a year. Several others would be a bit upset but I'd kill them and I think they're aware of that.

There's also the minor fact that with some movies you KNOW there will be an audience and you don't want them coming out part way through screaming murder because suddenly Spock is going backwards or something.

But thought you might like to know, the cinemas now have the movie. Or at least the one I work at does, which means that most in the UK will too and I'd guess the same for most other countries.


Star Trek: The Final Frontier

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